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The Level Method provides clear, tangible metrics to track the development of your fitness. It does this by using a collection of 15 assessments that cover a broad range of physical skills. These assessments are broken down into a series of 23 levels laid out across the MAP (Method for Athletic Progression).

The Level Method MAP provides a visualization on how you rank on each individual assessment, as well as your overall level (color) based on the aggregate of all 15 assessments. This is similar to the belt system from martial arts.

The MAP serves as a roadmap for improving your fitness – aka “Leveling Up” – by making it easy to see the corresponding next step in your fitness journey. It also provides safety measures that help to prevent injury by showing you incremental and objective goals for progression. Want to get your first muscle up? Find out where you land on the “Rings” testing category, and you can progress, one step after another, one level at a time, all the way to your goal.


Chikara will have specific testing periods scheduled throughout the year, about every 4-6 months, where all categories will be tested. There will also be individual assessments programmed in the daily workouts throughout the course of the year.

To get your level, continue to regularly attend Chikara classes. If you miss a day of testing, you can make up the tests during Open Gym days.

If you are a new member, you will complete a majority of your assessment during Foundations.

We will provide a personal tracking sheet that you can fill out during the class to help you track your scores. And the coaches will validate your scores for submission. Your scores can then be entered into the Level Method App to calculate your overall level.

Once you have finished all the testing, you will better understand your strengths and weaknesses and a better picture of your overall fitness. You’ll have clear guidance on the best scaling decisions to help you progress and Level up in every area of your fitness!

Download the Level Method App here!


How is the Level Method Used in daily workouts?

Chikara programming will continue to reflect CrossFit’s core focus on general physical preparedness and constantly varied, functional movements. The Level method will work on top of our programming to improve your training experience with us by accurately measuring and promoting your fitness journey.

Can I complete the assessments on my own?

Unfortunately, no. We feel in order for this system to be effective, we must have a consistent means of implementing the tests. Without rigid guidelines, we cannot guarantee the measured consistency required for the Level Method to remain valid.

To ensure objective standards are met, testing must be done under the watchful eye of a coach or qualified judge for any testing to be valid, and the score must be approved before a member is awarded their level.

I have specific weaknesses that I’m not sure how to work on.

We will regularly address the weaknesses we see in the gym during group class workouts. If you have a specific weakness you would like to address outside of class, consider scheduling time with a coach to develop those skills with a personalized plan.

Does the entire gym see my Level?

Nope! Your Level is just for you and the Coaches to help guide your progress. We will continue to use WodUp to track daily workouts in the gym.

If you “Level Up”, we would love to share your progress with the community, however. It’s something to be celebrated!

Why are there absolute and relative to bodyweight strength standards?

The Level Method uses both absolute and relative to bodyweight strength tests, and an optimal bodyweight-to-strength ratio is incentivized. Larger athletes are rewarded for losing non-functional mass (fat), and smaller/thinner athletes are rewarded for gaining functional mass (muscle). Both improvements are important for performance, health, and longevity.

Where can I find an overview of the Levels? Can I get a copy of the MAP to keep?

The Level Method map can only be found in the gym. You may also reference the scorecards.

Due to copyright issues, we cannot post photos with the details of the Level map, nor is it available via the website. We also encourage members to spend time in class with a Coach discussing the board so that proper guidance can be provided.

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