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Can't make it to Chikara on a regular basis?  Then join our online community!

If you can’t physically make it to our gym at least two days a week, this option is for you. You’ll follow a customized plan with regular check-ins with a coach to review your progress from anywhere in the world. 


Virtual Online Coaching

Coaches will guide you through your training sessions one-on-one via video call.

Included in this is your training program, also designed specifically for you to achieve your goals.

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Online Coaching Calls

Just need 30 minutes of an expert’s time? This option is for you. 

This could be an accountability call to make sure you are sticking to your program, or it could be an information session during which you learn what you want about fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness. 

You’ve got questions? We help you find the answers.

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